#BringBacktheBuzz gets interviewed by The New York Times!!!

Hornets - BBTB Logo (Transparency)

Viv Bernsetein will be interviewing Scotty, I (Evan) for the Online and Sunday Print of the New York Times! The Movement will be going on a global stage like never before on one of the largest news distributors in the world!This is Huge! even though many local media sources around Charlotte have made fun of our movement for a long time (Rick Bonnell) we finally hae recieved some validation for all the people have fought for!

Bring Back the Buzz speaks with Cats and finds out about “Name Change survey” going out to the city!

Information is coming and it is coming fast. We have been on the phone with Charlotte Bobcats all morning trying to find the answer to “If we buy season tickets today would we be able to participate in the survey?”. The answer to that question is YES! 

The other thing I was told, is that there WILL be a SURVEY going out to the CITY in a few days asking the same question. I was then informed that season ticket holders’ opinion will be looked at “differently”. Which I perfectly understand because you do not want to anger the people who are already supporting you. 

I then had a wonderful conversation with the Bobcats’ employee. I told him who I was. I also thanked him and the Bobcats for putting out this survey and I let him know that we are Bobcats fans. He said that he knew about our event last Saturday and that if anyone wanted to speak with him about seasons tickets to call in. He also told me that a lot of the season ticket holders who were calling in were saying that they wanted the “Hornets” name back. 

He was really excited to hear that the Bring Back the Buzz guys were fans of the team and I told him that I would be at the game tonight! We then talked about Haywood not being the answer, Cousins trade rumors and Rudy Gay trade rumors. All and all it was awesome to have some positive interaction with the our franchise.Image

“Bring Back the Buzz” Interviewed by Creative Loafing

Last month Steve Jones of Creative Loafing Charlotte wrote an article about why the Hornets should not return to Charlotte. Well, needless to say he received a ton of backlash when we posted it on here…even from his own nephew Jamie Jones. 

Enough to convince him to wanna hear our side. Well, earlier this week I had an interview with Steve Jones (great guy), telling him about our movement, explaining to him it’s importance and everything else. 

Now, Steve just told me that it was posted but also that there where some mistakes that happen when it was given to the editor.

The Mistakes Are as Follows

I am the “Co-Founder”, could not have done this without my brother Evan.

I was originally asked about the excitement ofwww.bringbackthebuzz.com , our twitter, and blog taking off. When it went through editing, that somehow got changed to me being asked about We Beelieve: Charlotte…take back your Hornets! as if it were mine instead of John Morgan’s page (We BeElieve not We Believe…John and myself had a laugh over that one)

It also made Steve seem like he was angry , but in reality he was a really cool guy and fun to talk to.

The important thing is that we got some PR, it mentions the SWARM Time Warner Event, and gets us some ATTENTION BEFORE WE SWARM!!!!!



The Charlotte Hornets 2013-2014 Portfolio

Here it is! 

The Official Charlotte Hornets 2.0 portfolio by Rollin BigDub Garcia! So when someone says, “Yeah but what would the Charlotte Hornets even look like in 2013? they haven’t been here in like 10 years” You can drop this bomb on them! This lets the bossman, Michael Jordan know we aren’t playing, we may be grassroots but we are serious. 

Share and enjoy! 

And be safe tonight, make sure you remember to go to the grocery store, get your bread, get your milk, and make your milk sandwich.


New Charlotte Hornets Court, Hornets Secondary Jersey (imitates Cats Jersey) & 9 days!

Instead of giving you a countdown “9 Days image” we figure we’d give you this and ask you to like and share!

The following images are once again by the wonderful graphic designer down there in New Orleans, BigDub. The image on the left is a jersey that one of our followers, Jason Gibson requested for him to make (suppose to look like the current Cats jersey) and I actually really like it.

The image on the right is a concept of what the new Charlotte Hornets 2.0 court would potentially look like. He asked me what I thought should be included and I told him. So if there is something about the court you do not like (it is probably my fault). I told him the honeycomb patter on the court and I was always a big fan of the trail from the stinger at half court….well ENJOY! and share once again Thanks to Big Dub

Swarm EVENT link….u know what to do!

Jersey and Court concept!

Jersey and Court concept!

The Brand New and Updated “Bring Back the Buzz” Logo

Well for the past few weeks we have been working with Rollin BigDub Garcia (the guy behind all the wonderful updated Charlotte Hornets Logos) trying to figure out a way to redesign our logo. When our first logo was created by me wife she did not have a great deal of time, the attention grew so fast and we wanted to have something out quickly people would identify with and recognize.The first one will always be special to us because it reminds us of when Charlotte first became excited about this idea, and my wife was able to add a personal Charlotte touch by making the big “B” shaped like the #13 for Bobby Phills. Now that we have kind of solidified ourselves as “Bring Back the Buzz” we wanted something that would capture the throwback 90s feel of our first logo but at the same time excite our followers with a bit more of a Charlotte feel. Thanks to Big Dub I feel like we have done that and I hope you love it!

The old one

The old one

The New One

The New One