Breaking News: The front page of ESPN.COM has caught wind of the movement!!

If the Hornets nickname becomes available, Charlotte might be intersted in getting it back.


When the Hornets moved to New Orleans in 2002, owner Tom Benson said that he would like to change the name to something more fitting of the Big Easy. Before Wednesday’s game, his wife Gayle reiterated that idea and added that the franchise would also like to change the team colors from teal and purple to red, gold and navy blue.


Bobcats owner Michael Jordan was asked if he’d be interested in bringing the Hornets name back to Charlotte.


“It’s definitely an interest down the road, but right now it’s the New Orleans Hornets,” Jordan told the Charlotte Observer. “We would definitely entertain the opportunity. That’s as much as we can say right now. We’ve heard the community ask the question, and we would listen.”


The newspaper reports that throwback Charlotte Hornets jerseys are popular among young fans in the area, and team web sites buzz with others who still prefer the name and color scheme of the Charlotte NBA team that started in 1988. But owners or fans won’t have the final say. The league issued a statement Wednesday saying that it is aware of the Hornets intentions but the ultimate decision on team names and colors resides with the NBA.

BREAKING NEWS! Just announced by Tom Benson’s wife this is last year of the New Orleans Hornets

This is it! We finally got our official announcement and it took place during the New Orleans Hornets game tonight. The New Orleans Hornets will be no more at the end of this season and the new team’s colors will be Red, Blue, and Gold!!

This is actually happening and now more than ever we need the support of the name change in Charlotte to turn up!!!


Wear Your Hornet’s Gear to B**Cat’s Games


So we have heard from Mr.Jordan! He says that if the community shows interest in the Nickname change then he will pursue it. There ya go! We have mission!

We have come to the realization through this process that a lot of our supporters are the same people who actually go to the Bobcat’s games. Funny thing is, Bring Back The Buzz supporters make up the majority at these games.

                If Jordan won’t listen to the movements directly we figured we would ask ya’ll to do us a little favor. For the rest of the season, whatever game you go to, sport your hornets gear and have your friends do the same. If they don’t have gear, lend them a hat, a shirt, a jacket, whatever!

Then send us a picture of you at the game! Get creative! Take ‘em with the Cheerleaders or even Rufus! We need to let Jordan now how the community feels! Lets BRING BACK THE BUZZ!!!

Jordan is Open to Return of The Charlotte Hornets!

This morning Rick Bonnell (Sports writer for the Charlotte Observer) had a brief interview with Michael Jordan and asked him a few questions concerning the Charlotte Bobcats and their direction for the 2012-13 season. They addressed everything from Michael Kidd-Gilchrist and how he reminded Jordan of Scottie Pippen, to player’s interactions with Mike Dunlap, and his aspirations for Gerald Henderson as a team leader.

One question the caught the attention of a Bring Back The Buzz advocate was…

–He said the franchise is open to a nickname switch should New Orleans Hornets owner Tom Benson follow through on changing that team’s name. Some fans want the Hornets name and logo back in Charlotte.

We at Bring Back the Buzz immediately posted the news on our multiple social media sites. We were ecstatic to finally have some recent news concerning the re-brand, especially from the Big Man himself. Jordan had been understandably apprehensive about the topic in the past because the New Orleans re-brand had not been “technically” announced. We guess Tom Benson had mentioned the     re-brand one too many times last night and Jordan wanted to calm the Beelievers down.Bring Back The Buzz “guys” tend to make “Little things = big news, and they hang on @rick_bonnell’s every word”. This being said we wanted to give it to the people straight. And let the people decide whether or not they want to get excited! BECAUSE WE SURE AS HELL ARE!!!!

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